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Yes, there are 11,881,376 possible 5-letter .com domain possibilities,

Yes, there are 11,881,376 possible 5-letter .com domain possibilities, It is difficult to estimate how many 5-letter domains are registered, as the number of registered domains constantly changes, as new domains are registered and others expire or are deleted.

For a five-letter domain to have any value it should be easy to say, spell, and remember.

 The vast majority will be unpronounceable. It is difficult to estimate how many are pronounceable however, there are specific characteristics that can make a domain more pronounceable. For example, a domain that is made up of real words or common syllable combinations is generally easier to pronounce than a domain that is made up of random letters or less common syllable combinations.  qpz3p.com is available to register right now, but it is difficult to imagine a business being built on that domain. On the other hand, Adcev.com is a versatile domain that could be used for a variety of purposes, including a marketing agency, a design firm, or a social media platform

Regarding the worth, I just wrote a blog on the top 100 LLLLL sold in 2022, and 75 out of the top 100 were non-dictionary 5-letter .com domains, the highest was laura.com for 250,000 and the lowest was Juniz.com at $8,000. Given and Proper names tend to have more value as they may be considered more Brandable.

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Successful businesses using a non-dictionary 5-letter domain

 It is universally recognized that when it comes to domains the shorter the better and a domain that is easy to say, spell and remember are important considerations for a brand.

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