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available 5 letter domains

Available five-letter domains

There are still thousands of available five-letter domains that can be purchased for the registration fee. The difficulty is finding a short available 5-letter domain that you would be proud to be your Brand. A name like zqn7r.com is available, it is a 5-letter domain, but it is also worthless. In contrast, a domain like apple.com also fits the bill of being a 5-letter domain. but it is certainly not available and if it was it would cost in the millions. When people ask the question (are there any available 5-letter domains?) What they are really asking is, are there any 5-letter domains available that are affordable, easy to say, and spell that you would be proud to brand your new business? That is a far different question. Doing a thorough search may yield some that fit the bill that is still possible to get at the registration fee. There are also established domain marketplaces that sell these such as BrandBucket Squadhelp and Brandpa. Their names generally start at $2000 and go up from there.

As far as I know, this website is the only one that specializes in 5-letter domains and nothing else. We generally have two types of names. The first is completely made up of names like Audaw.com and Cezmo.com, which infer a certain feeling, I believe Audaw.com would be a great choice for a fashion brand and Cezmo.com would be ideal for a money-making site The other type is a name that shows what your site is about like Dlivs.com or Cofeh.com. Dlivs.com would be awesome for a delivery app and Cofeh.com would make an excellent coffee Brand. Most names are $555 or $888 an absolute bargain as compared to the competition. All names are registered at Godaddy and listed at Dan.com (A recent acquisition of Godaddy.) Browse the full list at Fivls.com. Thank You if you made it this far John P

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