5 letter Domains For Sale

How much are 5-letter domains with a .com worth?

That can be somewhat of a complicated question. A 5-letter dictionary word that is used as a brand will cost in the millions depending on the word, an example would be apple.com. or arrow.com.I don’t believe any offer would be accepted for apple.com.On the contrary a .com domain that is just a series of random letters is most likely worthless. An example of this may be hvkhj.com (available to register) while there is a possibility that these letters may be an acronym for a Company that is far more likely with a three or four-letter .com domain.  

The world of Brandables

There are many businesses that have been extremely successful with made-up brandable .coms examples include xerox, gucci, and bayer while these names have no dictionary meaning there is no question what they mean. The advantage of this kind of name is that there is no competition in search and they are easier to Copyright. There is another possibility with 5-letter brandables that infer a meaning without having a dictionary meaning such as Dlivs.com Cofeh.com and Myfuz.com. With names like this, it can make it more likely to get ranked on Google for your niche.

There are pros and cons to this kind of domain.


  • Short
  • Easy to spell
  • Great for email
  • Increasing value
  • Easy to remember
  • Potential to get to the top of search quickly


  • No keywords 
  • Can be expensive
  • Must be pronounceable
  • Can take more work to brand

There are many big marketplaces for 5ls like BrandBucket BrandPa Squadhelp the downside is they can be quite pricy starting at $1500.

I believe there is an opportunity with this kind of domain which is why I started my own marketplace of 5letterdoamains.com all at the sub $1000 price tag visit 5letterdoma.in for more information.