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Name Ideas for a Website

What should I call my website?

This is a question many are asking. There are many factors that go into this decision A dictionary word domain is one of the most sought after like apple amazon etc. These can be great names that receive huge type-in traffic. Some branding effort will be needed. Before apple was apple buying a phone or computer from a website called apple wouldn’t have come to mind. Keyword Domains can also be very helpful. It can be easier to get ranked when the title matches the URL. A downside to this kind of domain is it can be challenging to change your business model. For example, if your domain is cars.com, which is probably a multimillion-dollar domain, and you want to shift to selling medical equipment, it will be a tough shift. A completely made-up name like Crauz.com can be a good choice for a new start-up as it gives you a chance to do some Branding and it leaves the door open for changes.

Domain essentials

A domain should be short and easy to spell. say, and remember (pass the radio test) as we say in the domain industry. One more way to go is a domain that infers a certain industry like Dlivs.com This name makes it clear that your business delivers something, but it could be anything. One more example is Cofeh.com It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that the website is created for coffee. If you find this convincing and are looking for a name for your startup browse our selection of short domains.

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