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why a .com

The benefits of a .com domain

There are almost 1000 different domain extensions, but .com is king. A country code extension can be a great choice for Geodomains like LondonDental.ca as it shows that you are a Canadian-based business. .io or .xyz are popular for tech companies but there will always be leakage to the .com version of the name. That means a loss in traffic to your site as well as lost emails. People are so used to .com that they will automatically add .com when they are trying to find a business and there is an inherent trust factor that searchers have when they see .com at the end of a domain. I always recommend Canadian companies to get the .ca and the .com whenever possible. In conclusion, get the .com whenever possible, if you start a business on a different extension and you are successful you will want to get the .com version of your name at some point, but it may cost you. Looking for a .com for your new venture but don’t have a huge budget? Check out our selection of available 5-letter domains

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