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What do I name my startup?

I am a believer in having a unique name where you do the branding. Some think having a one-word dictionary name is the way to go, but there are a couple of problems with that. A one-word .com would cost 20,000 to 5million. A bit steep if you ask me and I think it can be a bit confusing if your startup is for email software but your name is banana,com. Banana,com likely would get a lot of traffic, but I don’t think they will be expecting email software. Apple has pulled it off but they have a pretty big budget. A Brandable that is short easy to spell and say either completely unique like Cezmo.com or a name that infers a meaning likes Dlivs.com or SaftR.com may be worth considering. You may see where this is going I believe in them so much I started a company if you are interested in similar names check out 5 Letter Domains for Sale at budget prices

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