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5 Letter Domains For Sale

Why 5 Letter Domain

  • Shorter domains are universally regarded as better
  • 5 letter pronounceable domains are easier to remember and less likely to be misspelled
  • In addition to looking more professional, short domains make for great email addresses, business cards, and ads.
  • A unique domain will be easy to trademark and a little branding will get you to the top of SERP for your name, making it easy to find.
  • All are 5 letter .com domains

Save time and money

Why Fivls

Our Prices are lower than the competition 

Some of the biggest brands in the world have prospered with short branded domains

Don’t waste time and money brainstorming with staff trying to come up with the perfect name only to find out the .com version is unavailable.

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How it works

All Domains are registered at Godaddy and are For Sale at most Domain Marketplaces including Dan.com  The Buy Now button will take you to Dan.com They are a domain broker recently acquired by Godaddy. They will guide you through the pament and transfer process. 

All transactions will be done through the Domain Marketplace of your choosing. This website will never ask you for payment information.
Prices may vary at some vendors to reflect different commission rates.

Buyer’s assurance If for some reason the domain cannot be transferred you will be refunded in full.


5 letter brands

The world of Brandables

There are many businesses that have been extremely successful with made-up brandable five letter .com domains examples include xerox, gucci, and bayer while these names have no dictionary meaning there is no question what they mean. The advantage of this kind of name is that there is no competition in search and they are easier to Copyright. There is another possibility with 5-letter brandables that infer a meaning without having a dictionary meaning such as Dlivs.com Cofeh.com and Myfuz.com. With names like this, it can make it more likely to get ranked on Google for your niche

 Short memorable, and easy to spell, it’s a great investment in your brand and your future.
I originally called this site 5-letter domains but after some thought, I decided to take my own advice and rebrand it to Fivls it is short and easy to spell and remember. It infers what this site is about while still leaving room to change to a different verticle. It wouldn’t seem odd if a site named Fivls sold shoes. But Google fivls and this site come up in the address and SERP
Nobody knew what xerox was until it was branded and now it’s in the dictionary. 
We sell premium, brandable, short .com 5-letter domains and pride ourselves on exceptional service.

Are you having a hard time coming up with a name?

Contact us with some information about your business and we’ll research available names, you only pay if you register one.

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